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If you don't mind me asking, how do you practice? I'm sure this took you quite some time to get to this level, but what would you tell someone who is trying to improve?
"Draw what you see, not what you think you see." Also, there are no lines. Irl, only Light & dark. And blending tortillons are friggin awesome
practice? i wish i had time :)
My main focus was on recreating realistic light and shadow with most of my works.
There are no outlines in real life, its all just light and dark. Without light there is no image.
If you can harness those two basic elements, the image basically makes itself.
All you need to do is steer it around and ensure proportions are correct :)

My biggest help was drawing alongside my favorite photographs, simply open a book or magazine next to you and try to recreate the image, paying special attention to light and shadow on the shapes.

thats probably why my media of choice is pencil :)
you're gr8 artist... i simply fell in love with ur sketches... they're so alive... i'm not gettin d words to describe it... all the best for ur endeavour...
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